Using the Youglish Search

This is a short post explaining how to use the Youglish search on the right of the page–>

Youglish is a search engine that looks for YouTube videos containing the words you search for. It can give you examples of pronunciation in UK, US and Australian English. You can skip through the videos and hear real people pronouncing real words in real context.


To search for a word, just type it in, choose the accent you want to hear and press the search button or press enter.

A search for “banana”

Next, you’re presented with a mini YouTube player and subtitles underneath.

If you hover over the video, you will see the previous video, next video, pause, replay and seek back 5 seconds buttons.

You can use keyboard shortcuts to navigate more easily.

  • CTRL + Left Arrow – plays the previous video
  • CTRL + Right Arrow – plays the next video
  • CTRL + SHIFT + Left Arrow skips back 5 seconds

Definitions, Translations and more

To search for a definition, you can click on any word in the subtitles.

Definitions, synonyms, usages and translations

You are presented with a menu at the top and a list of definitions.

Guess what clicking on “Synonyms” does…

It shows you a picture of a cat :O

I’m joking.. It shows you synonyms. There aren’t really synonyms for banana, so we’ll move on.

“Usages” shows you the word in context, using sources from the web to demonstrate how it is used.

Finally, “Translations” will show you,  you’ve guessed it, translations. It has a lot of languages to choose from, so I hope it has yours.

I don’t know which translation dictionary this search uses, so you might want to search using your favourite online dictionary too, just to be sure.

I have included this tool because I think it will be useful for learners using the website. I’d like to say that I am in no way affiliated with Youglish and cannot be held responsible for any content that you see on Youtube.

Happy pronouncing!